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Ready for a large, and in charge, cock. Prepare yourself for the Black Caligula.

Standing at 3ft, and weighing 23 kg = 51lbs, prepare yourself for the size of the black huge dildo, a cock that's ready to be the life of your party. You could stand him in the room and make him a conversation starter, you could use him to liven up your parties. If you're willing (and able) you could see if Caligula works as a traditional (read: penetrating) dildo for your sex toy collection. However, you choose to use Caligula, you'll enjoy the firm, flexible rubber and the realistic detail from the head to the balls.

Caligula Huge 3ft Dildo Specs and Benefits:

·         Size: 90 cm = 35.5 inches in height, 65 cm = 25.5 inches in circumference, 21 cm diameter
·         Weight: 23 kg = 51lbs
·         Material: PVC
·         Color: Black
·         Features realistic detail from the head to the balls
·         Can be used to liven up parties and be a real conversation starter

·         Can be used as a sex toy dildo, if you're willing, able, and ready